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    Everyone wants a glowing skin for the walk down the aisle, but how do you achieve this? We have the inside scoop from the experts—when to schedule facials and treatments before the 'I dos' as well as beauty basics like how to tame breakouts fast. Keep scrolling for skincare habits guaranteed to give you that bridal glow.

    1. Assess Early
    1. If you really want to get your skin in top form, it's recommended that you start a smart skincare routine about a year in advance. It's okay if you don't have that long before the wedding day—just adopt these good skincare habits as soon as possible.
      2. Schedule Professional Facials
      Your wedding is the perfect excuse for some extra pampering. You'll want to book monthly facials to really refresh your skin. Experienced aestheticians will massage your skin, scalp and decolletage to stimulate blood circulation and keep your skin looking healthy. You can also request extractions. This is when your facialist gets all the dirt out of your pores. The process takes preparation and special techniques that, if done at home, can lead to irritation, or worse, scarring. 
      3. Manage Excess Facial Oil 
      If you're on the go, blotting papers will help keep your face shine-free. If you need a more advanced grease solution, streamline your routine. Use a mild face wash, skip the toner and add a lightweight oil-free moisturizer. Excessive face washing will kick oil production into overdrive.

    2. 4. Eat Super Foods
      No matter what your skin type is—oily, dry, normal or a combo— it craves water. Sure, drinking water helps, but snacking on naturally hydrating foods like watermelon works too. Other super foods for your face? Try grapefruit, cucumbers, tomatoes.
      5. "Shrink" Your Pores With Microdermabrasion
      We want to give it to you straight, so first, the bad news: You can't actually change the size of your pores. The deeper a pore is, the bigger it looks on the skin's surface. The good news: You can minimize the depth of your pores to make them seem smaller. Microdermabrasion, glycolic acid, and other chemical peels will exfoliate layers of bad skin and minimize pore surface.
      6. Use Salt Scrubs to Soften Elbows
      This is the one thing most brides forget about. Add a bath to your weekly routine and throw in bath salts with sodium bicarbonate. "The sodium bicarbonate will break down dry patches and make your skin a sponge for moisture," For really tough patches, ask an aesthetician to put a glycolic peel on your elbows when you go in for a facial.
    3. 7. Wear SPF 30...On Your Lips
      It's easier to prevent your lips from getting chapped than it is to repair them if they're already dry and cracked. If you spend lots of time outdoors, especially in windy, sunny or cold weather, a thick balm with SPF 30 will keep your lips hydrated.
      8. Use Skin-Specific Moisturizer
      All moisturizers are not created equal. Look for one that caters to your skin concerns. For oily skin, you don't want to add much more moisture, but you do want to hydrate. Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid or ferulic acid, both of which help your skin maintain water. For dry skin, stick with the hyaluronic acid or ferulic acid, but don't worry about finding an oil-free formula. Your skin craves moisture. For breakout-prone skin, choose a moisturizer that's noncomedogenic. It should say so on the bottle. For sensitive skin, your go-to is a fragrance-free product. 
      9. Deep Clean With a Mask
      A mask isn't meant to replace your daily face-washing routine; it's only meant to enhance it. "Since it stays on longer, a mask will help melt the hard sebum (or oily substance) in your pores, something washing alone won't do,"  If your skin is oily, use a mask every other day. If you have dry skin, once or twice per month should keep oil and dirt from building up. 
    4. 10. Use an Eye Cream With Light Diffusers
      In many cases, dark under-eye circles are hereditary. So the only way to reduce their appearance is with makeup. Start with an eye cream that has light diffusers, which reflect light to make the eye look brighter. Then, use concealer only on the dark spots. Look for one that matches your skin tone exactly, not one that's a shade lighter—that can make your attempt to conceal even more noticeable. Remember to dab lightly to avoid tugging on delicate eye areas.

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    Wedding-day beauty shouldn't begin on the day-of while you're sitting in the stylist's chair. Start now to ensure you look your bridal best.


    Great bridal locks require a little love and devotion. We all know that washing, blow-drying, and heat-styling on a daily basis makes for a messy head, full of split ends and "wispies" (those little broken pieces of hair that stick up from your scalp). Start repairing from the inside out. Experts believe that a diet filled with Vitamin B helps bring out your hair's natural shine (dull hair is actually a symptom of a Vitamin B deficiency). Foods like fish, nuts, and eggs will give you a good head start. On the outside, an invigorating scalp massage and deep conditioning treatment (about 4 weeks prior to the event) not only feels good, but stimulates the hair follicles and adds body. For Your Information. Despite what many bottles claim, there is no way to repair damaged ends -- once your hair breaks, get a trim.


    When it comes to the best way to care for your face, there are many schools of thought but here are a few good pointers for common issues A dermatologist can help those fighting a losing acne battle, by prescribing topical creams and oral pills, or administering facial peels to knock out bacteria and oils. Start seeing a derm six months before the wedding-your skin will need to adjust to a new regimen, and your body to any new medications. If you're looking to bring a dull complexion to life, an aesthetician at your local spa can provide a series of facials that clear blackheads, slough off dead skin cells, and improve circulation. (Start these visitations six months prior as well-and don't dare get a facial within ten days of your wedding.) But the real secret to great skin? Water. Drink tons of H2O before and on your wedding day to make your face look dewy and radiant.


    Dark circles and puffiness are common bride-to-be afflictions (all those late nights pouring over the seating chart is bound to take a toll, after all). Since the skin around your eyes is particularly sensitive, be gentle while you take off eye makeup with a water-soluble remover (don't scrub), and keep rubbing to a minimum. A nightly application of eye cream, in combination with adequate sleep, will improve the appearance of dark circles and a cool compress once or twice a week (or as needed) helps keep puffiness at bay. During the days before the wedding, steer clear of too much salty food, which can cause eyes to look swollen.


    For that all-important kiss at the end of the ceremony, you'll want your lips to be in the best possible shape. A Vitamin E stick  can combat cracks and creases that weather and nervous lip biting can cause. You should also exfoliate your lips at least once a week, to clear away dead skin , take a Wet a toothbrush with warm water and brush lips with a gentle back-and-forth motion. Finally, protect your kisser with sunscreen, as the sun can leave lips looking and feeling  parched.

    Neck and Decollete

    Start taking care of this overlooked region as soon as you can. Think of it as an extension of the skin on your face -- but remember that this fragile skin is thinner, has fewer oil glands than the rest of the body, and requires special care to keep it supple and smooth. Exfoliate it with a gentle face scrub every other day, apply a light moisturizer daily, and use sunscreen when heading out in a chest-baring top.


    You can get your body in shape without lifting a weight or walking a mile (though both will help relieve stress and whittle away at the inches). From the inside, a daily multivitamin can work wonders on a range of ills -- from digestive issues to sleeping problems to frayed nerves. Vitamins also up your energy factor, making wedding planning easier. On the outside, exfoliation is the name of the game, because it makes skin feel softer and more toned (no gym required!). Use an exfoliator each day, whether in the form of a loofah or a body scrub.


    Your wedding dress might have your legs covered, but that's no reason to ignore them. Shave only after you've softened the skin with warm (not hot) water and use a moisturizing shave cream. One of the simplest rules for keeping them smooth post-shower, apply a rich moisturizer while legs are still damp.


    Sure you'll probably treat yourself to a pedicure before the big day, but you should indulge your feet in sweet treatments in the months leading up to the wedding. Good foot care starts with a little tough love use a pumice stone or foot rasp daily to scrub away dry, cracked skin on heels and toes. Note that feet should be damp, not completely wet -- a sopping foot is too slippery to be properly exfoliated. Then treat your feet while you sleep slather on a thick moisturizer and slip into a pair of socks, which will retain body heat and help seal in moisture overnight. An added bonus to these measures is that well-moisturized, cared-for feet are less likely to blister in uncomfortable shoes.

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    You've found some amazing wedding day makeup inspiration and found a few makeup artists you think will help you perfect your bridal look. But before you officially hire one of them, have them answer these questions. 

    1. Do you have a portfolio of your work I can look at?

    Why you want to know: Whether it’s a traditional portfolio or their profile on Instagram, always look through a makeup artist’s past work before hiring them. This will help you get a feel for their skill level and the looks they specialize in. Be wary if they don’t have a portfolio. Because even if you’re just booking a trial, you should still have an idea of what they can do.

    2. Do you have a list of references I can call?

    Why you want to know: References are important for finding out everything a portfolio can’t tell you, like how they interact with their clients and if they’re punctual, easy to work with and have a positive attitude. Your makeup artist will be with you and your wedding party for hours so you’ll want to know from past clients if they enjoyed working with them.

    3. Will you bring your own products or will I be responsible for supplying them?

    Why you want to know: If you have specific brands or products you never stray from, or if you have allergies to certain products, using your own may be the best bet. For makeup brushes and other tools, a makeup artist will be using a clean brush of their own unless you specify you want them to use new brushes and tools. If this is the case, communicate it early.

    4. How do you charge? By the hour or per person?

    Why you want to know: If you have a large wedding party, it’s worth looking into a makeup artist that doesn’t charge per person. Logistics like how they charge, the payment method they prefer and when they expect payment should be discussed early so there are no surprises on the day of your wedding.

    5. Will I have to travel to you or can you work on-site?

    Why you want to know: Most makeup artists will travel to where you’re getting ready, but you should find out their policy before hiring them. If they won’t work on-site, budget enough time in your schedule to allow for travel time in addition to the time it will take for everyone’s makeup.

    6. Will you do a trial before my wedding?

    Why you want to know: A trial will give you the opportunity to communicate exactly what type of makeup look you want for your wedding day. You’ll get to see firsthand how your makeup artist works and you’ll have an estimate of how long your look will take—an important factor for scheduling on your wedding day.

    7. Do you have a team of assistants or will you be the only artist that day?

    Why you want to know: Depending on how big your wedding party is, you may need a makeup artist that works with one or more assistants. An artist that has a team can focus on you as the priority and have their assistants work on the rest of your party, minimizing the time it will take for everyone to get ready.

    8. What will happen if you’re sick or have an emergency on my wedding day?

    Why you want to know: Emergencies happen all the time, but does your makeup artist have a set plan in place if they’re unable to make it on your wedding day? They might have another artist that will replace them or assistants that can take over their duties for the day. Also ask if they will give you a refund in the event they have to cancel.

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    The months before your wedding are already a whirlwind of appointments and meetings, but don't forget to book the below!

    1. Dermatologist

    No matter what your skin issues, visiting your dermatologist will help get your skin on track before your wedding. If adult acne is a big concern, your doctor can work with you to determine the best skincare routine for your skin type. They can also be the ones you call to zap the zit with a perfect remedy if an unexpected blemish pops up the day before your wedding.

    2. Laser Hair Removal

    If you think never having to shave again is worth the splurge, then you should consider buying a laser hair removal package a few months before your wedding. It takes about 4-6 treatments for the procedures to be effective so plan accordingly if you want to be hair-free on your honeymoon.

    3. Dentist

    It sounds cliche, but your smile really is your best accessory on your wedding. Schedule an appointment with your dentist for a quick teeth whitening and smile deep-clean.

    4. Hair Colorist

    If you're highlighting or coloring your hair before your wedding, it's important to start early. Book a hair consultation three to six months before your wedding to talk to your colorist about your vision. It's also a good idea to bring any examples of hair accessories you plan on wearing so your colorist can determine the best spot to place highlights.

    5. Hair Stylist

    Up? Down? Half-up/half-down? There are tons of options when it comes to your day-of hairstyle and your stylist can walk you through all of them. It's customary to visit your stylist for a hair trial a few month before your wedding, but for even better results take it a step further. Visit your stylist twice, once for a cut and once for a style. It will give your stylist the chance to familiarize themselves with your hair type and help you brainstorm the best style for you.

    6. Facialist

    This one may not be a beauty necessity, but a nice facial is a pre-wedding ritual (and treat!) we think no bride should go without. Schedule an appointment for two or three weeks before your wedding if you plan on getting something harsh like microdermabrasion--it tends to leave your face red for a few days. If you're just planning on a soothing treatment, the week-of is fine.

    7. Makeup Trial

    It usually takes a few tries before your makeup artist nails your ideal beauty look, so don't be discouraged! Make sure you set aside a few hours with your makeup artist and bring lots and lots of beauty inspiration for the two of you to look at together. It's also important that you're specific: matte or dewy? bronzy eye or smoky eye? Don't leave anything out, and if it doesn't look right, speak up! They'd rather you be honest so they can fix it.

    8. Hair Extensions

    Want to give your updo a little bit of extra lovin' on your wedding day? Then you should seriously consider hair extensions. First, do your research to determine which type you want—clip-ins, tape or keratin bonds. Then call your salon to see if they offer extension services and actual extensions or if you have to provide your own. If you do have to provide your own, it's a good idea to bring them to your other hair appointments so your stylist or colorist can get familiar with them.

    9. Manicurist

    Save this particular salon visit for the day before your wedding. Even if you plan on getting a gel manicure that will last for a few weeks, getting your nails done the day before will ensure they are still fresh and shiny for up-close ring shots.

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    Dear Sister of the Bride/Groom,
    We know how stressful it becomes at a time to be the one sharing the limelight with the bride or groom. You don't get the time to doll up yourself and have to do everything in a hurry. But no matter what you should never compromise on your outfit. It needs to be one of the best things you ever get for yourself. So, here we bring you a list of best-dressed sisters who gave us some major fashion goals.

    #1 The sheer yellow outfit!
    This one outfit in sheer yellow is perfect for Haldi. We love how beautiful this Bridesmaid is looking while keeping her look simple yet elegant as a fresh winter morning. This one is definitely a steal-worthy look. 

    A post shared by ZoWed (@zo_wed) on

    #2 Re-use your wedding lehenga!
    Well, this sister thought wisely and didn't let her lehenga go waste in the closet. She revamped the entire look with a stunning shirt that matches the lehenga just perfectly. Also, the best part she is not even stealing the redness of the bride.

    A post shared by ZoWed (@zo_wed) on

    #3 The ice lehenga with velvet choli!
    Pastel and soft hues are all the rage this year. And these bridesmaids kept the trend in mind, we love their icy blue lehengas and velvet choli. A perfect inspiration for Winter wedding.

    #4 The pastel bride squad!
    These beauties made sure they don't over-shadow the lovely bride and color coordinated their lehenga in pastel blues and pinks.

    A post shared by ZoWed (@zo_wed) on

    #5 The long jacket lehenga!
    This sister of the groom rocked her bhangra moves in a pretty red jacket kurta, which she had accessorized with a fabric belt.

    #6 The tasseled trend!
    These beautiful bridesmaids with the bride in the center rocket the Mehendi look. We loved the golden tasseled blouse with a white skirt that's making the Mehendi feel all jazzy. 
    A post shared by ZoWed (@zo_wed) on

    So, which is your favorite style?

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    Aishwarya Rai celebrated her 44th Birthday yesterday. It was a family affair only. She visited Siddhivinayak Temple with mom Vrinda and Daughter Aradhya. We got this photo of the cake on social media and it's beautiful. It is inspired by Aishwarya's Cannes look. Producer Shrishti Arya shared the snap of the cake on Twitter and we cannot help but stare at it.
    Check It Out:

    We also want this cake! 

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    With so many ramp ready trends for the brides-to-be, it becomes difficult to actually incorporate it in your final look. So, we found some practical and easy to incorporate trends that will turn you into a Fab bride like no one else. Scroll down and show these trends to your designer boutiques now!
    #1 Pocket lehenga for sangeet!
    Pocket lehenga is something that you can never go wrong with. Plus, you can wear it once your shaadi is over, to any friend's sangeet or wedding. This trend will create magic and easy to style look for your sangeet night.
    #2 Pastel lehenga!
    Pastel lehenga is the hottest trend that almost everyone love, and this color looks amazing from brides to bridesmaid. So, if you are a bride and the shopkeeper refuses to show any other colour then red, we advice you to don't tell them you need  a wedding rather tell him you need a sangeet or mehendi lehenga. 
    #3 Dupatta attached with blouse!
    Well, it's the latest trend, and perfect for the conservative families looking for a little change in fashion. It turns out to be a great sangeet or mehendi style lehenga.

    #4 Dupatta as Veil!
    Taking the dupatta as the veil is back in India, and many brides are opting for it. As it gives chills as the bride, plus making the groom wait is another great idea to opt for this trend.


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    Dear budget brides!
    There is nothing wrong in making your trousseau within a budget. And Team Weddingbytes always look out ways to help you get your needs sorted. So, we spotted this designer label that is perfect and a great deal to add in your trousseau.

     Baise Gaba
    From  fuchsia silk kurta to stunning sharara set, you can find everything in this online store. The material is rich enough to add in your bridal trousseau and the price is a Win.  All it's designs feature a stunning embroidery that is not too light and nor too heavy. You can easily carry these pieces in a closed ghar-ka-function.
    Check out the collection Here!

    A post shared by Baise Gaba (@baisegaba) on

    A post shared by Baise Gaba (@baisegaba) on

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    Accept getting dressed up in winters gives us goosebumps because of the weather and we cannot even compromise on the style as it's important. So, Team Weddingbytes found these interesting ways to beat the chilly nights yet putting the best style foot forward. Scroll down and know how Designer Sailesh Singhania convince us to wear sarees this winter wedding and look drop dead gorgeous.

    #1 Saree with a trench coat!
    And not it's not just a normal trench coat, but it's a unique trench coat perfect for the wedding style it up with your saree or lehenga and gets ready to show off your fashion quotient. We love the motifs on it that's adding the wedding vibes to it.

    #2 Teal crop Jacket!
    If your height is short or you don't feel like trench coat is your thing. Then add some pop of color to your saree with this beautiful teal crop jacket and style it with any color. You can never go wrong with this cropped jacket and can style it with your crop top lehenga skirt, and even dhoti pants.

    #3 Peter Pan collar jacket!
    If you want to add more drama to your look, then this Peter pan style collar jacket is your go-to-look-best. Love the pop of color this jacket gives to any saree. And the best part is you can style it with almost anything and everything.

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    Abhishek and Aishwarya make an adorable couple. Recently, there were rumors doing the rounds that Aishwarya is using Slimming oils for her next movie, Fanney Khan. During an interview with a Vogue, Aishwarya's husband Abhishek took her side and said, He said, "When she became a mother, her career took a backseat. Today, she does everything for Aaradhya. She is a supermom. Soon after Aaradhya was born, the media went at her about her weight gain. Nasty things were written, which really upset me."

    Abhishek further added,"Till date people refer to her as the most beautiful woman in the world, and I know she is immensely grateful for the love. She values her fans and enjoys the adulation as well as the trappings of her career. Even with the hectic travel schedules and erratic work hours, I’ve never heard her complain about front or back of the plane, Maruti or Mercedes. Her focus isn’t on the trivial. It’s these things that leave me charmed." 

    We agree with you Abhishek! 

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    Shilpa Shinde is making sure that Vikas Gupta has a difficult time inside the Bigg Boss house, and she seems to be succeeding. Yesterday, Vikas tried to run out from the house, but Bigg Boss called him into the confession room. He requested Bigg Boss to let him go and was ready to pay the penalty of Rs 2 crore for breaching the contract. Bigg Boss calmed him down. 

    But Shilpa is on a mission to make Vikas’ life a living hell. In today's episode, Vikas loses his patience again and escapes from the jail again. However, he was not successful in his attempt. This is the third time when Vikas has attempted to run away from the controversial reality show.

    Your thoughts?

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    There are lots of drama going inside the Bigg Boss house. Many contestants are very active inside the house, But Benafsha Soonawalla does not appear much on the screen. But her boyfriend Varun Sood thinks differently about her. In an interview to Bollywoodlife, he said,"The day she entered the house I had my winner of Bigg Boss 11, I love her, and with the grace, she is playing my respect for her has gone to a different level.” 
    ”I told her to try changing the mindset of the viewers, show everyone that entertainment doesn’t mean fighting or saying derogatory things. I am glad she is following it.”

    ”I love her. She is someone who makes me a better person, I learn a lot from her. And about being it “on-record “, you guys shall know soon.”
    When Benafsha entered the house she accepted that she has a boyfriend but later, denied it. When this was asked to Varun he said,"As I said you gotta wait for her to come out. All the confusion you have will be cleared.”

    There were also reports that even Varun was offered Bigg Boss 11. Confirming the news, he said, “Yes I was offered Bigg Boss 11, and if given a chance I would love to go in for a day to meet Benafsha. I shall hug her and tell her I am proud of her. It’s pretty hard to stay without talking to someone you are used to.”

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    Not many of you would know, but the one thing that always catches my attention at a wedding is a bride’s hair color and the hairstyle she sports. While there are so many different elements that go into making a perfect bridal look, hair is something that plays such a significant role that you can’t imagine and it becomes even more important if you are planning for a destination wedding. For a destination bride, there is such a huge opportunity to play with her hair using color in terms of contouring, highlights, global coloring, strobing and so much more!

    On a recent visit to Mumbai, I decided to drop by at the L'oreal Academy and play with my hair yet again. That is where I learned that whether you’re a bride or now in my case a bridesmaid, ‘Destination Brides’ collection by Matrix is exactly what you need for your picture-perfect day. Destination Brides is a collection of three unique looks crafted by hairstylists and inspired by the gorgeous wedding destinations.

    The Matrix team introduced the three individual looks of the collection to me with three beautiful wedding destinations - The Modern Maharani bride with a touch of royal opulence for those regal palaces, The Boho Beach Bride with a young and carefree vibe for the free-spirited beaches and the Ethereal Garden bride with a charm found only in the lush gardens.

    After going through the lookbook, I knew exactly what I wanted! To be the boho beach bride because it was so exciting and I always fancied having a beach wedding!

    Hair is such an important accessory to highlight your facial features and your overall personality to perfection. When you play with your hair, in terms of both styling and color, you can actually carry off any look with utmost confidence.

    For me personally, I followed a very strict regime for my wedding and I also gave a lot of importance to my hair styling as I had 3 distinct looks for my functions- the Mehendi, the cocktails and the wedding of course! Working with the Matrix experts made me learn so many new things about my hair and this time I decided to document the entire journey with visuals and a video as well.  I learned about the hair color palettes like never before - say if you are inspired by the ornate or goldens then shades from Matrix India’s SoColor’s Gold palette would help you put together a look just like the Maharani bride. For someone who’s having a garden wedding, then shades from the Red palette would complement the décor as well as your look. For a beach bride (and my favourite), the color palettes from the Plum family would do wonders to your overall look. Once we decided to go with the Boho Beach Bride look, they choose the shade- 6.28 for me and a process that lasted for over 4 hours was worth every minute.

    Only trust the experts especially when it comes to your hair for your big day. Make sure to style your hair with the Style Link products by Matrix such as- Smooth Setter Crème, Heat Buffer Thermal Styling Spray, Style Fixer Hair Spray, Volume Builder Mousse and more. Post color hair care is just as important. To maintain the vibrancy of the salon hair color, use Biolage Colorlast range of haircare daily.

    Get more details and hair color inspiration on Matrix India’s Facebook page here!

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    Dark circles (or dark shadows or rings) are simply termed as dark discoloration of the skin under the eyes. In these days, dark circles are a common complaint from many of us, which makes the people look tired, unhealthy, dull, exhausted and older.
    Lack of sleep, stress, heredity, aging, vitamin deficiencies, environmental irritants, dry skin, certain health problems, prolonged crying, hormonal imbalance, over-exposure to the sun or electronic screens, etc. will cause dark circles to all of us irrespective of age group.
    Actually, the skin around the eyes is delicate and thinner than remaining parts of the body. The veins in the area are closer to the skin’s surface resulting in a bluish or dark tint called dark circles around the eyes.
    There are many natural remedies available at home that works excellently in treating dark circles around the eyes. Let’s have a look on it.

    Home Remedies for Dark Circles:

    It’s time to follow these amazing DIY natural remedies for dark under eye circles regularly at home to diminish those ugly dark circles.

    Method – 1: (Almond Oil)

    Almond oil has vitamin K & E that improves clotting, reduces discoloration under the eyes. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that contract the dilated blood vessels causing discoloration under the eyes.
    Steps to be followed…
    • Apply a little almond oil on all over the dark circles at night before going to sleep.
    • Massage it gently for few minutes to get well absorbed into the skin.
    • Leave it on for overnight and rinse off in the morning with cold water.
    • Pat dry your eyes and repeat the same process daily till you get relief from dark circles and puffy eyes.

    Method – 2: (Cucumber)

    Cucumber has rich content of water that hydrate and moistures the skin. It has vitamins A, C, E and K that helps to restore the skin’s elasticity, reduces inflammation and soothes the skin. It has antioxidant, astringent property that lightens the dark circles effectively.
    Steps to be followed
    • Cleanse your face along with eyes and dry it.
    • Cut cucumber into thick slices and place it over the eyes (preferred chilled cucumber pieces).
    • Let it sit for about 15 – 20 minutes and remove it.
    • Rinse your eyes with cold water and dry it.
    • Repeat the same process daily for at least a week to diminish the dark circles under the eyes.

    Method – 3: (Potato)

    Potatoes act as natural bleaching agents that lighten the skin under the eyes. It has vitamins (A, C), enzymes, starch and catecholase that reduce dark circles and rejuvenate the skin by providing essential moisture to the eye areas. So, potatoes are effective in diminishing dark circles.
    Steps to be followed…
    • Grate a chilled potato to extract its juice and dip a cotton ball in it.
    • Dab it on the dark circles affected eye areas.
    • Let it sit for about 10 – 15 minutes and rinse off with cool water.
    • Repeat the same regularly until the results are visible to you.
    • Or simply grate a frozen potato and store it in a thin cloth. Place it as a cool poultice over your eyes for 10 – 15 minutes and remove it. Or place chilled potato slices on the eyes.
    • Alternatively, mix potato juice with any of the following ingredients like cucumber juice, fresh lemon juice, tomato puree, yogurt, honey, etc. and apply it on the dark circles to get rid of it.

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    Coconut oil is becoming popular in cosmetic industries because of its healing properties. It shows many medicinal properties which keep skin healthy and clear. It is considered as a great moisturizer as well as an important ingredient which can treat several skin issues including dark spots, scars, fine lines around eyes, acne, and eczema. If coconut oil is used in daily skin care routine, it can make your skin hydrated and glowing. So, applying coconut oil face mask can be a great option to get the bright and gorgeous skin.

    Benefits of coconut oil face mask

    1. Coconut oil is light in texture and deeply absorbed by the skin pores without leaving any greasy residue. The saturated fats present in coconut oil acts as a great moisturizer for all types of skin and heals dry skin and prevents moisture loss of skin.
    2. It is a great exfoliator as it removes dead skin cells and dirt while making skin soft and hydrated. The antibacterial properties i.e Caprylic acid of coconut oil protect the skin from microbes and reduce the risk of bacterial infections worsening acne. It helps to treat and calm the fungal infection like ringworm and yeast infection due to its anti-fungal property.
    3. Coconut oil can prevent premature aging as it contains essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin E which act as a physical barrier to dust and other environmental pollutants while sealing in skin moisture. Its antioxidant action reduces oxidative damage. It keeps the skin smooth and supple by promoting collagen formation. It is essential for healthy skin growth, repair of wear & tear on the skin, keeping skin smooth and protecting against cracking.
    4. Coconut oil is rich in many proteins. These proteins keep skin healthy and rejuvenated, both internally and externally. Proteins also contribute to the cellular health and tissue repair and reverse the damages done by the microbes.

    1. Coconut oil face mask or scrub for clear skin

    • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
    • 2 tablespoon ground rolled/old fashioned oats
    • 1 tablespoon raw organic honey
    Combine coconut oil, honey, and ground oats and mix it well. Apply the scrub to your cleansed face and give a gentle circular massage to your skin except for eye area. Keep it for 20 minutes and wipe it off with a wet cloth. Repeat this remedy for 2-3 times in a week to get a clear skin.Oatmeal and coconut oil both are suitable for all skin types, and even for the most sensitive skin because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It a great natural skin cleanser. It has anti-oxidant properties and helps undo the damage. It has natural exfoliant properties, so it helps in getting the removal of blackheads and dead cells, leading to a brighter complexion. Honey is a great natural moisturizer that keeps skin hydrated.

    2. Coconut oil face mask for dark spots

    • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
    • 10 drops of lavender oil
    • 5 drops of frankincense oil
    Take a small glass dropper bottle and put all the ingredients into it and shake the bottle well. Apply it to your cleansed face and massage it for 5 minutes. You can apply it as a face serum or remove it with a damp cloth after 1 hour. Do this remedy daily until you get the desired result.
    This coconut oil face mask can be used as a daily face serum to get the gorgeous and healthy skin. The lavender and frankincense oil have powerful astringent capabilities. They can help to eliminate dark spots, sun spots, remove micro-wrinkles around the eyes and cheeks, and generally tone and tighten skin all over your body, while simultaneously replacing old or dying cells with new, healthy ones! And heals the scar also. When applied to the skin, they improve blood circulation and heal burns, cuts, and bruises.

    3. Moisturizing coconut oil face mask for dry skin

    • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
    • 1/2 tablespoon honey
    Mix both the ingredients in a bowl and apply it to your cleansed face. Give a gentle circular massage to your face for about 5-7 minutes. Keep this mask for about 30 minutes and wipe it off with a damp cloth. Do this remedy daily to get rid of the dry and flaky skin.
    The enzymes in raw honey clarify, hydrate and nourish skin and keep pores clear and clean. Plus, the antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of honey prevent bacterial buildup that can lead to skin imbalances and breakouts. Honey helps to decrease the appearances of scars and increase healing and tissue regeneration. The hydrating properties of honey and coconut oil help revive skin cells, while regular, gentle massaging will increase circulation to aid skin recovery and cell turnover.

    4. Exfoliating coconut oil face mask for deep clean

    • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
    • 1/2 tablespoon baking soda
    Mix coconut oil and baking in a bowl and apply it to your cleansed face. Massage your face for about 2-3 minutes and wash it off with normal water after 5-10 minutes. Do this twice a week to get the clear and glowing skin.
    Baking soda has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which kill the microbes causing acne or pimples, razor bumps and reduces the inflammation of acne. It draws out the excess oil from the skin by unclogging skin pores and gives a healthy glow to the skin. It is a good exfoliator as it has tiny granules which deep cleanse the hair follicle and removes the dirt and dead skin cells. It is a perfect remedy for removing dark spots, blackheads and acne scars due to its deep pore cleansing properties and give a way to regenerate new skin cells.
    The lauric acid in the coconut oil that acts as the antibacterial agent which treats acne. Due to saturated fats, it melts on the skin when it is being applied and it easily seeps into the skin pores, moisturizing deeply. It preserves the smoothness of the skin by keeping it wrinkle-free

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    Whether it’s the weather or for seemingly no reason at all your hair decides to go all Diana Ross on you, frizzy hair is definitely something that a lot of us struggle with. 

    1. Choose a sulfate-free, glycerin-packed shampoo.
    Look for a shampoo with glycerin high up in the ingredient list . Glycerin helps combat frizz by penetrating the hair and hydrating it from the inside out. It is also a great humectant, meaning it creates a protective coating over the outside of the hair so it’s less likely to lose moisture. Win-win!

    2. Always use conditioner.

    Keeping your hair topped up with moisture prevents the cuticle from opening up and letting moisture in, keeping it smooth. Look for a conditioner that contains glycerin, as well as other hydrating ingredients (like shea butter), and apply it from mid-lengths down to your ends. Keep it away from your roots to prevent oiliness.

    3. Twice a week, only use conditioner on your hair.

    You might think your hair needs to be shampooed several times a week, but it doesn't. Every two days, apply conditioner instead of shampoo and then rinse it out. The conditioner contains a small amount of surfactant (what shampoo uses to cleanse your hair), and also the small amount of oil in the product attaches itself to hair oil cleaning it away. This also called “Co-Washing” which helps keep the hair at optimum PH as you are replenishing moisture and ensuring the hairs natural oils are not stripped.

    4. Use a hydrating mask once a week.

    Keeping hair hydrated helps prevent the hair opening up and letting in moisture contributing to the frizz. Doing a mask of oil or specialized hair treatments will keep hair moisturized and less prone to damage from styling. Look for masks containing coconut oil or castor oil; both amazing for hydration and will give your hair an incredible sheen when washed and styled also.

    5. Let your hair air dry 90% of the way before blow-drying.

    This is a stylist's trick and it is honestly life changing! By letting your hair 90% dry you are not disrupting the hair strand as it’s drying, which helps keep it smooth. It also means, as you then blow-dry with a brush you get a much sleeker finish as the heat is being directed down the hair. The bristles are also guiding the cuticle keeping it straight. Result - oh-so-smooth! 

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    A lot of us before our wedding, invest a lot of time and effort in looking out for some good makeup products. One of the most important things about makeup is the foundation. The correct and right foundation is all we need to make our skin look flawless and beautiful.

    Here are 3 Best foundations that would not make you unhappy about the money you have spent.

    • MAC Studio Fix Foundation: This one is one of the most talked about a high-end foundation, it's specially made in a way that it suits a variety of skin tones  and also the weather conditions. It retails for INR2450, and you can easily go to a MAC store and get it . A modern foundation that combines a natural matte finish and medium to full buildable coverage with broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 15/PA++ protection. Applies, builds and blends easily and evenly. Comfortable and long-wearing, it helps minimize the appearance of pores and imperfections, giving skin a smoother, more flawless look and finish.

    • Bobbi Brown Long Wear Even Finish Foundation Foundation SPF 15 : This one retails for about INR4300 .A natural-looking and long-wearing foundation with SPF. Comfortable and hydrating, this medium to full coverage oil-free formula never looks cakey or masky . Glycerin and shea butter keep skin feeling moisturized while a gel base creates a lightweight finish that stays color-true. Lasts for up to 12 hours even in the most humid conditions. Protects skin from future damage thanks to broad spectrum SPF 15 with antioxidant vitamins C and E.
    • Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation : This again is huge rave all over the world actually, Works like magic definitely. This worry free long wearing make up stays fresh through heat, humidity and non stop activity. Feels lightweight and comfortable.It reatils for INR 3300 and is suitable for oily to combination skin types, If you are someone with dry skin , you must stay away from this one . 

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    Shahid and Mira make an adorable couple. For the first time, they graced the cover of Hello Magazine and looked dreamy. In an interview, Shahid opened up on his relationship with Mira and said,"I have been in relationships which have been organic, and come to understand both have their pros and cons. I feel this is more formatted and in some ways, better, People are going to say, 'we can't believe you just said that', but I really feel this kind if arranged match-making is great."
    He further added,"She is the first girl I met, for marriage specifically. I mean, I was meeting a lot of girls organically - I was not in a boy's hostel. I was living in Mumbai with my own pad, alone since I was 23. I was 34 when I met Mira and ready to grow up."

    Mira said,"I am the audience in the relationship, he is the star. But fortunately, I think he is very receptive to me, I really enjoy it when we get together and chat about things."

    Shahid added,"We were falling in love as we were getting married."She added,"We are still falling in love, each and every day."

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    Bigg Boss 11 is getting controversial day by day. After Vikas Gupta tried to run out from the house, now according to BOC reports, captaincy task was initiated with three contenders Benafsha, Hiten and Puneesh. The task which was basically to see who can control their urge to pee for the longest time, despite drinking water at frequent intervals. Hiten and Benafsha were pretty hopeful that they’ll pass this test but soon gave up, making Puneesh win the title. As soon as Hiten and Benafsha backed out Puneesh peed in his pants.

    It will be interesting to see him as a new captain! 

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    Ok! One problem that almost all mother of the bride/groom face is what design should they get on the blouse. She has doubts what will look good and what will not, and while deep down she hopes to get a blouse design that is new and makes her look like the most stylish mother. So, Team Weddingbytes brings all the stylish mother to look more stylish with these stunning blouse ideas.

    Tips before you select any design!
    - If you don't feel comfortable in any blouse design or neck style, then remember to not go further with it, as you cannot afford to be uncomfortable on your daughter's wedding.

    - If you are heavy from the arms, we advise you to go for 3/4th sleeves that will hide the problematic area if any.

    - Boat necks looks amazing, a simple boat neck blouse will do wonders to your heavy saree.

    - Don't go all sheer, you are the mothe of the bride, and going for such a bold design might land up in 'hush-hush' talks amongst the family.

    #1  The buttoned back design!
    While most of the mother's won't go for a buttoned back, but it will look amazing with a Banarasi saree. The fabric buttoned will add the grace and will up your style game too. A side loose messy bun will look amazing with this blouse style.
    #2 Back motif design!
    If you are wearing a kanjeevaram saree, we advise you to go for a modern motif style back style for the blouse. It will add the oomph factor to your look. You can style the hair in a tight bun with curls. 
    #3 The 3/4th sleeves blouse!
    If you are wearing a saree in chiffon, then make sure to get your sleeves in 3/4th as it will add the elegant touch to your look. Also, go for some embroidery on the neck and the sleeves. 
    #4 Full sleeves blouse for winters!
    If your daughter is getting married in winters, then a full sleeves blouse will add magic to your look. If you saree is plain then play around with the blouse add some prints to it. 
    #5 Sheer sleeves blouse!
    Sheer sleeve blouse can look amazing with your overall look,  just keep the sleeves a little long, to avoid showing off the arm fat.

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